About Us

Creative Furniture HI carefully selects our showroom furniture to offer our customers a comprehensive and versatile range of modern and traditional futon designs. We are known as “Honolulu’s Futon Store” with the widest selection and best warranty. We represent the top makers of quality futon frames like Miwa and Otis with the best warranty in the industry. We have the widest selection of futons or sofa beds that you will find in Hawaii. Our friendly staff can help with providing the best futon or rattan furniture to suit your tastes. They can help give you ideas about what types of home furniture would fulfill your lifestyle requirements.

We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with all the recent developments in the furniture industry. We’re always on top of things and we’ve never missed something new as soon as it comes out (unless we’re on holiday but we still strive hard to ensure that we are up-to-date even when we’re on vacation). We do this by always scouring the internet for the latest news regarding furniture, futon, sofa beds, etc. Even in those that aren’t directly related to our product line, but still carry an impact, we keep ourselves updated. Why go to such great lengths you ask?

Well, you’ve read in the earlier paragraph that we can help you about ideas on what types of furniture are best suited for your home, right? That’s why our knowledge of how to build exquisite furniture alone isn’t enough to do that. We keep ourselves updated about interior design, home design trends, what’s popular when it comes to arranging your homes, from the living room to the attic, we know how to build the best furniture that perfectly suits your tastes!

One thing that sets us apart from others is that we don’t only offer furniture for home use! We now also offer business furniture – for example, if you need chairs or sofa for your restaurant or even bends and tatami mats for your inn or hotel – we can provide it!

Furthermore, we can apply our interior design and furniture design knowledge according to your needs to better suit your business. We can create elaborate designs to match your unique business needs. Do you need custom designed chairs for your cosplay cafe? Or perhaps you need a specially crafted bed for your hotel? Whatever your business is we can work with you and whatever furniture needs you have, we can do it!

Creating task list is important for crafting custom furniture

We carry the widest selection of high-quality futon sofa beds in the state. We also carry a full line of rattan furniture, as well as hardwood bed frames and tatami beds. Creative Furniture Outlet only represents the finest lines in futons, beds, furniture, and mattresses. These are just some of the benefits you will get over the lesser quality products you will find at large box retail stores. If you only want the best furniture and bedding that can be found in Honolulu, HI, you have come to the right place.

Our Mission

To provide the best furniture at an affordable price so that it can help families, singles or couples attain a healthy, peaceful, and functional life by being able to relax or utilize comfortable furniture for their needs.

Our Vision

To make customizable furniture affordable and to give everyone the freedom of choice.

Our Values

Our values reflect who we are and what we do in order to bring luxurious and custom yet affordable furniture to everyone.

Customer First

We create furniture that envisions what our customers want in order to bring them a better life

Quality over Quantity

If we are full, we don’t accept new custom furniture job orders to ensure only that our products are only of the best of quality


If we can’t do it, then we can’t (though probably we can). We don’t accept a job that seems impossible for us (either we lack the material or we don’t have enough time to finish it in time)


We treat our customers as friends so that they can freely talk about what kind of furniture they want for their home or business. We help them bring their best out.